About Us

XModgames is an application for Android devices that offers us a selection of mods that helps us to be able to cheat when playing different video games. Currently, everybody has smartphones and every smartphone has games on it. We all love playing games. Though the types of games we play are different. But sometimes these games become frustrating when you have to do an in-app purchase or if you are stuck at any level of the game. Now, for this situation, Xmodgames APP proves to be helpful as it allows us to tweak the game and make it easier for us by unlocking the game cash or any rewards in it.
Xmodgames for Android is basically a game editor. This editor helps you to edit the game code and change it as you need and the best part is that you don’t need to be a software specialist for this. Anybody can do it easily. Xmodgames for iOS is also available and it works the same way as the Android version. One thing to be notified is that to use this software you need to root your mobile first. This app works with the rooted mobiles only.